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About Us

Started in 2011, Kavya Inc was founded with the vision of providing Healthy and Natural products to the community. For Founders and Supporters, Kavya Inc. is not a business but a passion and commitment towards community. With this vision in mind, at Kavya Inc. you will find Pure, Natural and Authentic products at very affordable prices.

Why should

choose us?

Honey for Private Labeling/Bulk – We are privileged to offer our customers some of the best honey varieties gathered from different parts of India. We specialize in supply of 100% Pure Honey, like Mustard, Multiflora, Sunflower, Lychee, Eucalyptus, and several other scrumptious varieties. We are supplying Pure Honey, Honey Blends, BeesWax in USA , Canada and other Gulf Countries.

H‘n’N Honey – We launched our brand – H’n’N to provide retail honey in the USA.

Natural Incense Sticks – These Incense Sticks are manufactured by native people in India with lots of beneficial and Natural Herbs. They do not have any chemicals and provide a very positive and calming environment.

Hawan Samagri – Hawan Samagri is made from more than 20 natural Herbs from foothill of Himalayas. This Samagri is one of the Purest ingredients for performing Ygya. According to Ancient Vaidic literature, Ygya helps in creating positive environment and provides many health benefits.

Vaidic Scriptures – At Kavya Inc, you will find authentic Vaidic scriptures/Books along with Children books. You will find all Vedas, Upnishads, Darshans and many more… Our goal is to provide inquisitive individuals with the resources they need to find their own answers. Share the True Knowledge!

Pure Desi Ghee – Kavya Inc. is Supplying Pure Desi Ghee (Clarified Butter). It is scientifically proven that clarified butter can help in improving immune system and many other health related issues. Our Ghee is produced in USA and from Grass Fed Cows.

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